Sun, salt and chlorine play havoc with hair and without protection and the correct treatments will leave it dry, dull, fragile and difficult to manage.

With its unique blend of organic passion, fruit extract, plus Argan Oil, Maracuja and Hibiscuss OilsSUN & MORE is the perfect range to use at the beach, the pool or all year round for healthy, hydrated and vibrant hair.

Available now in beautiful gift sets at a milk_shake Hair Salon near you.


All Over Shampoo 300ml

A deeply nourishing and moisturising shampoo to gently cleanse.  It hydrates and moisturises the hair giving it daily care.

Beauty Mask 200ml

A deeply nourishing and moisturising hair mask to fight damage caused by the sea, wind, salt and chlorine. It hydrates and conditions the hair giving it all the care it needs after a day at the beach or pool.

Incredible Milk Sun 150ml

Sun & more add the award-winning, multi-tasking milk_shake Incredible Milk into the sun care range.  This leave-in conditioning treatment has 12 benefits for the hair for instantly amazing results.

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