milk_shake SOS Roots Blond


milk_shake SOS Roots Blond is an instant coloured spray that covers grey hair regrowth with a natural effect without leaving any residue. milk_shake SOS Roots comes in a choice of 6 shades, brown, dark brown, light blond, blond, mahogany and black.

The pigments within milk_shake SOS Roots are naturally-sourced and are taken from minerals.  Their properties give rich and intense colour with a quick action that hides greys. milk_shake® SOS Roots GIVES INSTANT AND TOTAL COVERAGE TO GREYS.


milk_shake SOS Roots Blonde covers grey hair regrowth perfectly until the next shampoo. Dries quickly. Ammonia free.

Active ingredients:

iron oxides

Use:  shake well before use, dose onto the provided comb and apply to the regrowth area that requires coverage. Alternatively, direct the nozzle at approx.10cm (4 in.) from the hair and spray lightly. Always apply to clean, dry hair.

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